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How Twitter Can Be Used in The Classroom
Today I was surfing on Youtube, searching about Twitter and I came accross something I never heard of. Dr. Monica Rankin, University of Texas at Dallas [...]
Spend Less Time on Twitter, You Gain More Followers
Sometimes I visit Twitter profiles of some famous and popular people and I see that they’re not on Twitter as much as many people are, and they [...]
Twitter Followers vs Blog Readers
Recently, Darren Rowse made a poll about Twitter followers vs Blog readers and the results showed that 84% of people prefer blog readers than Twitter followers.
Would You Prefer More Feed Subscribers or Twitter Followers ?
It seems that Twitter has become much popular the last few months, and every blogger has an account nowadays.. So I thought to start this poll asking each [...]
How To Be a Good Twitter User
Being a good user on Twitter involves many points. I’ll try in this article to mention some tips and advices which I hope they will help you to be [...]
Welcome to TwitterTipsCenter
Hi and welcome to TwitterTipsCenter! So I’ve decided to start TwitTipsCenter, a blog dedicated for Twitter Tips in general, including Posting on [...]
7 Reasons Why You Should Not Send an Auto Direct Message on Twitter
Sending an Autoresponse Direct Message to new followers is an issue well worth considering, because it’s the first impression you make on a new [...]
Does Twitter Improve Our Creativity?
Yesterday, while reading some tweets on Twitter, I’ve seen a guy asking about the influence of Twitter on our creativity, and I thought to blog about [...]
How To Promote Your Twitter Page To Increase Your Followers Count
Increasing the traffic to your Twitter Page is a key to increasing your followers count. It’s as simple as: The more people that see your Twitter [...]
6 Free Twitter Backgrounds for Your Twitter Page
One important thing I’ve mentioned in a previous post “How To Promote Your Twitter Page To Increase Your Followers Count” is a good page [...]