6 Free Twitter Backgrounds for Your Twitter Page

March 14, 2009 - Announcements, General Twitter Discussion, Twitter Graphics, Twitter Polls, Twitter Tips, Twitter Tools
Twitter Backgrounds

One important thing I’ve mentioned in a previous post “How To Promote Your Twitter Page To Increase Your Followers Count” is a good page design. The design is really important to create a good first impression. So I’m helping you with FREE Twitter background (.PSD format) I’ve designed today. Hope you like them, and feel free to customize them to your liking, and share them with your friends.

If you have any questions, be sure to drop me a message @TwitTipsCenter or use the contact page, and I’ll be sure to respond ASAP.

Note: Don’t remove the copyrights :p

Background 1:

Twitter Background

Background 2:

Twitter Background

Background 3:

Twitter Background

Background 4:

Twitter Background

Background 5:

Twitter Background

Background 6:

Twitter Background

I’d love to hear your opinions 🙂 Which one is better ?

Good luck

23 thoughts on “6 Free Twitter Backgrounds for Your Twitter Page

Jose Arteaga

Great job dude congratulations, according to me the best one is the #6. Great freebie dude!.-


I would say Background 3 is the best.

Akash Malik

I like the BG 3 & BG 5… Awesome work man, keep up the good work. Do update me if you add more stuff like this… I am bookmarking the site.

Good Luck!



great, thx alot =D

123 Tweak

Great background


Nice stuff, thanks


Currently using number 4 on my twitter page 🙂
Thanks for these!

Tom -

Very cool! I really like the last one 😀

SL McDaniel

I like #4 myself. Purple lives forever!

SEO Tips

Thanks about your PSD files .It’s so good to design a unique background for Twitter.
Thanks again


How do I use one on my Twitter?


To install it on your Twitter page. Login to your account > Settings > Design > Change Background Image and upload it.


I tried that. It didn’t work.
I downloaded #5 (the best1 btw =) and went to twitter.
I did that and it didn’t work..


Background number 5 is active! You are good!!!


Just a question,when you 1)Click on settings. 2) Click on design. 3) Click on background image. 4) Click on browse. 5)Click on the picture. Do you wait for it to upload or do you just click on save changes? Mine doesn’t show an upload button.


You click on “Save changes” and leave it till the upload is finished then it will appear on your profile 🙂


I tried it twice and once it said the profile changes were saved but the background never showed up & the second time just sent me to another page saying “Too Many Twitters”. Need your help.


I see, it happened to me too! You just need to try again and again because their server is being flooded, I mean there are too many users tweeting and abouts..

Just try again or try later at night..


Eh… How long does it take to upload?


Also, I do it the way you guys say to, in settings, under design, upload the file. But, all it does is show me my previous theme.. What is up…?


Some tips:
– Save the background in JPG format.
– Use FireFox to upload your background.
– Make sure you clicked the “Save changes” button.

If you couldn’t upload it or you get an error message, that’s because the server is being flooded by many users and tweets. Try again later (Best time is at night, where people do not tweet that much)


Ummm… how do you download it in a .JPG format. Its .PSD format…. >_< ??


Yes they’re an open source backgrounds (.psd) you open them with photoshop and make the necessary edits and then you save it in .JPG format!

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