7 Reasons Why You Should Not Send an Auto Direct Message on Twitter

April 10, 2009 - Announcements, General Twitter Discussion, Twitter Graphics, Twitter Polls, Twitter Tips, Twitter Tools

Sending an Autoresponse Direct Message to new followers is an issue well worth considering, because it’s the first impression you make on a new follower. From experience, I tell you to never do it. Why? Check below.

AutoResponse Direct Message

People rarely reply to auto-DMs: Twitter is about networking with real people and not robots, autoresponses are kind of impersonal.
“Check me out!”: This is what I usually receive to my Direct Messages inbox, I find no reason why people send it, if I’m following you, it’s because I already checked you out and you’re follow worthy. What’s the point of the auto-DM then ?
Be a little bit serious: I receive this message sometimes “We’re going to be a good friends” Obviously they have no idea who they’re talking to, I immediately unfollow them.
There are alternatives: If you’re sending the auto-DM to build relationships, or spark conversation, there are better ways to.
Who’s gonna be the next follower? : If you’re using Twitter for two – or more types of chat (i.e personal and business chat), you don’t know why exactly the follower is following you, your message needs to appeal to everyone.
Spamming: It’s always considered as spam when you include a link to your website, people will definitely unfollow you, Twitter is not a direct mail marketing model.
BarackObama: The president of the United States isn’t using it. (Right, I’m joking 😀 )

What do you think? Is sending an auto-DM a good practice? Yes, No and why ?

Thank you for you attention

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Ben Waugh

Just wanted to say HI. I found your blog a few days ago on Technorati and have been reading it over the past few days.

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