Twitter gave me the opportunity to drive traffic to my online businesses and day by day I open up new relationships with people I never knew before.

Oussama Afellad

My name is Oussama Afellad and I’m the editor of WebmastersTown and TwitterTipsCenter. I have a couple of businesses online from which I make some extra money to my pocket. If you would like to get in touch with me follow me at @TwitTipsCenter

TwitterTipsCenter is about sharing some of the lessons I’ve been learning since I joined Twitter about how to properly use it. It will cover Twitter Tips in general, including Posting on Twitter, Growing your followers count and benefit from it. Moreover, free Twitter Tools, Twitter Graphics and a lot more.

I’ll start updating TwitterTipsCenter few times a week at this time and after I see more people interested in my content I’ll do my best to update it even more. If you’d like to learn from my experience with Twitter I’d love to have you as a TwitterTipsCenter subscriber and to connect with you on Twitter itself @TwitterTipsCenter.

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  • Pingback: Welcome to TwitterTipsCenter

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