Does Twitter Improve Our Creativity?

April 6, 2009 - Announcements, General Twitter Discussion, Twitter Graphics, Twitter Polls, Twitter Tips, Twitter Tools

Yesterday, while reading some tweets on Twitter, I’ve seen a guy asking about the influence of Twitter on our creativity, and I thought to blog about it as I think some people might agree with me and some might have different opinions – And this is the point from blogging 🙂

In my opinion, everything has advantages and consequences. Same for using Twitter, it has a positive and a negative influence on our creativity.

• The 140 character limit is a creativity challenge for every blogger, it will definitely help you free up your writing style enormously. If you’re creative enough the character limit will proove it and it won’t hinder your work at all.
• Using Twitter the good way will open your eyes to new ideas as people consider it as a network of interesting conversations, and this will definitely improve your creative work.
• Even if you’re not talking, you can just listen to others and learn new things and instantly connect to tutorials and articles and stuff. The more you learn the more you improve your creativity.
• Twitter is a great place to ask questions and get feedback on your ideas.

• You learn a lot but you quickly forget, you have no time to implement.
• It might take time out of your day that could be spent somewhere else more creatively.
• Twitter makes you produce much content, which means you’re spending much time on the quantity not the quality.

Finally I’d like to hear from you on this topic and vote on the poll below 🙂
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Thanks for you attention.
– Oussama

One thought on “Does Twitter Improve Our Creativity?

Tom -

the 140 character limit really makes you think about what is important to say.

I love using twitter to work out what people are talking about 😀

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