How To Be a Good Twitter User

May 29, 2009 - Twitter Tips

Being a good user on Twitter involves many points. I’ll try in this article to mention some tips and advices which I hope they will help you to be one of the good users around Twitter.

Follow For a Good Reason:
“Follow me, I follow you back” – “Follow me and win a free domaine name” … These are crap. You won’t feel Twitter as Twitter if you follow someone expecting him to pay you back somehow. The reasons you should be following others are either you’re interested in connecting with him or you’re interested in his content and looking for more..

Be Active:
Communicate with your followers and the people you follow. Make them feel you’re on Twitter, share with them your experience and be generous.

Be Smart and Intelligent:
Do not annoy your followers or the people you follow with stupid posts that make no sense. Be smart and know what to share.

Talk from Experience:
Do what works for you, do not talk about something you know nothing about to keep yourself away from being stupid.

Do not Sell Yourself:
Do not bother yourself and the others by posting and spamming your account with ads which earns you few cents. Post something you feel it’s worth to share.

Do not Promote your Website a lot:
If you do, people would think that you’re on Twitter only for promoting your website, and this might force them to not follow you, because you don’t have much to say. However, you can still promote your website from time to time but with caution.

• Do not spam others by sending them tons of direct messages each day. This is such a bad thing. (Might get you banned from Twitter though)

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Hi nice blog, will keep coming to read your article! 🙂

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I am also a member of twitter but i don’t know great tips before reading your blog i will follow your instructions.

Ugo onah

Good start. I notice that your blog is new. Nice niche and original posts your churning out here; that would keep the traffic coming…

Am a newbie too, and actually followed your comment from problogger. It’s nice hanging out here. More grease 2 ur elbows!


How To Be a Good Twitter User <– 1 of the best article i saw in ur website ..

• Do not Promote your Website a lot: <– as You said people come here to Spam and Nothing else . 😛

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