How To Promote Your Twitter Page To Increase Your Followers Count

April 4, 2009 - Announcements, General Twitter Discussion, Twitter Graphics, Twitter Polls, Twitter Tips, Twitter Tools

Increasing the traffic to your Twitter Page is a key to increasing your followers count. It’s as simple as: The more people that see your Twitter page, the more likelihood there is that someone will follow you.

Oussama Afellad

It’s not that easy, it requires patience and hard work, and it takes time! Below I’m listing some points which I hope they will help you.

Good Page Design: With millions of other Twitter accounts out there, focus some effort to make yours stand out. The design is really important to create a good first impression, pick good colors and background image.

Add Personality to Your Page: People would rather follow people not logos, so a nice photo of you would be good 🙂

Connect with Celebrities: Communicate with other people who have thousands of followers. You can attract some of their followers attention. (Do not spam them)

Update Frequently: There is nothing that turns people off your page faster than seeing it’s not being updated. Obviously they will not follow you because there is no point to.

Add the Link of Your Page to Your Signature on Forums/emails: Hotmail made tons of money by promoting their products in their users emails’ signature. Learn a lesson from them and put a link to your Twitter Page (Same on forums).

Ask your Blog Readers To Follow You: Put the link in your blog sidebar or homepage. Send a newsletter to your subscribers, let them know about your Twitter Page.

Get Involved in Projects: From time to time some Twitter users will invite you to participate in a project or a contest of theirs. Get involved in that and it might gain you some loyal followers.

Good luck
– Oussama

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