Spend Less Time on Twitter, You Gain More Followers

June 1, 2009 - Twitter Tips

Sometimes I visit Twitter profiles of some famous and popular people and I see that they’re not on Twitter as much as many people are, and they actually have thousands of followers, some of them already crossed the 1 million followers mark. Sounds weird, well I can tell you that – after I thought about it for a while, the more remarkable your background, the more people will follow you.

So if you’re really interested in getting more followers, you should:
1. Do remarkable things elsewhere (Outsite of Twitter).
2. Get to know people outsite of Twitter.

From experience, people pay attention to someone who’s popping from time to time with valuable links and informative thoughts though. It means that you won’t get people’s attention if you spend all day on Twitter posting and sharing stuff every minute, it’s spammy some how. Sign into Twitter regularly, to connect with other people and share with them things that might be attractive (Know what to pick up).

In my opinion, you should not focus most of your effort on Twitter. The results of a poll started by Darren Rowse about blog readers vs Twitter followers show that most of you agree with me as 84% of people prefer more blog readers than Twitter followers.

However, you still have to be interesting on Twitter in order to KEEP your followers. People followed you for some reason doesn’t mean they will not unfollow you if you bored them! Being interesting and helpful on Twitter as you are elsewhere (Your blog) makes other people pay attention to your tweets and makes them more likely to read your other content.

In conclusion if you would like to:

GET followers: Do interesting things outside of Twitter.
Keep followers: Be interesting on Twitter.

Also do not forget to redirect people to your Twitter page by including your Twitter URL on:
• Your blogs and/or websites.
• Your forum signatures and email footerS.
• Your social media profiles.

6 thoughts on “Spend Less Time on Twitter, You Gain More Followers

Tom -

Great post! I don’t spend too much time on twitter, but have a pretty good following at the moment. I usually just post interesting thoughts as my latest tweets.


Hi, good post. I have been woondering about this issue,so thanks for posting. I’ll definitely be coming back to your site.

Kelly Brown

Hi, very nice post. I have been wonder’n bout this issue,so thanks for posting


The best information i have found exactly here. Keep going Thank you


You know so many interesting infomation. You might be very wise. I like such people. Don’t top writing.

Meam Wye

Nice observations . I also unfollow people who constantly tweet…it becomes kind of boring. And yes, best wishes for your new blog 🙂

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