Twitter Followers vs Blog Readers

May 31, 2009 - General Twitter Discussion, Twitter Tips

Recently, Darren Rowse made a poll about Twitter followers vs Blog readers and the results showed that 84% of people prefer blog readers than Twitter followers.

Actually, I was one of these people who voted for blog readers for some reasons I’ll list below:

Promotion on Twitter do not work.
As it’s a social network I believe that if you try to redirect Twitter users to your blog you will not succeed, because if you keep advertising your website on Twitter you’re some how annoying your followers as social networks were meant to be used as an information and a fun chat service for friends to share what they are doing or what on their mind, not spamming products and services every minutes.

Less potential of earning money.
Even if you have a million followers, I think there is less potential of earning money – compared to a blog. You can only put some ads on your Twitter Page which means you’re disturbing your followers, or do some marketing stuff which lots of people didn’t succeed in it.

Blog readers = Lots of potential.
With feed subscribers, there’s a much higher chance they actually are interested in your content and will be back to read future posts.

The point from all this, is to not focus all your effort on generating traffic or followers to your Twitter profile but to your blog.

Thanks for your attention