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February 20, 2009 - Announcements, General Twitter Discussion, Twitter Graphics, Twitter Polls, Twitter Tips, Twitter Tools

As in real life, if you never speak to the people you’ve met again they’ll forget you. It’s similar to networking! Networking without the “Follow up” factor is useless. Once you speak to some user the first time, get business cards, URLs and usernames… And don’t hesitate to contact him the next day, and don’t be afraid, because everyone on Twitter is there for the specific purpose of meeting other people.

One great Twitter application I use in order to remmember the users I spoke to them is TwtBizCard.

TwtBizCard allows you to exchange Business card with fellow Twitter users. All you need to do is to access their website and create your own business card.

Sending a business card to your fellow users is very simple, just add #twtbizcard to a @reply!


I think this is a great application. Pretty useful during Tweetup or social media networking event. And its environmental friendly too. Your privacy is also protected. If you didn’t send someone your TwtBizCard, the person won’t be able to see your address, phone number and email.

Give TwtBizCard a try now and start sending your own business card!

4 thoughts on “TwtBizCard – Business card, the Twitter way

Deneil Merritt

That looks pretty cool. I think it will come in handy later.

Jose Arteaga

Thanks for the info dude, to be honest it’s the first time i hear anything about TwtBizCard.

John Collins

I have to agree with Deneil and Jose. Sending a business card by way of Twitter is a unique concept. Especially since you get to design it yourself. Sounds like a excellent way to pass on additional information about you business in an already acceptable form people are accustomed to only you send it in a tweet. Cool 🙂

Thanks – John

SEO Tips

Thanks about your post. I have get great Business Twitter Card.

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