Would You Prefer More Feed Subscribers or Twitter Followers ?

May 30, 2009 - Twitter Polls

It seems that Twitter has become much popular the last few months, and every blogger has an account nowadays.. So I thought to start this poll asking each and everyone of you, what do you value and prefer most, Feed Subscribers or Twitter Followers? and why?

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4 thoughts on “Would You Prefer More Feed Subscribers or Twitter Followers ?

Tom -

I voted for feed subscribers because if I had 6,000 feed subscribers it would be a lot more valuable that 6,000 twitter followers (which I have).

However, I personally would rather have 6,000 email subscribers 😀


Feed subscribers 100%. They are more willing to read your content and are generally more interested in your site altogether.

Ugo onah

I’ll go with feed suscribers anytime. They are responsive, and in the larger proportion, humans, who have genuine interest in your blog posts. On the flip side, majority of twitter followers, are auto-following bots…no thanks to self-promoting and shylock twitter-ers.

Wess Stewart

I agree with the other commenters completely. I wish I would have known about this post earlier, I would have linked it to my post on this topic.

I’ll take RSS subscribers any day. Followers are great, and they can turn into subscribers, but with RSS you know that your content will be delivered…unlike that Tweet you posted when your followers were offline…

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